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Our goal is to show the beautiful culture, thoughts and images of the Latin American World to New York and the world through Mexican Fine Art while offering our collectors the most exclusive service and unique contemporary artworks from the most influential, established Mexican artists  of our time, while stimulating art tourism, reflecting the amazing Galleries and Museums of Contemporary and Modern Fine Art in Mexico.

Bustamante NYC Gallery supports not only Fine Mexican Contemporary Art but also non-profit organizations with similar goals. We work with supporting institutions and sponsors organizing exhibitions, simultaneously donating to various organizations. The focus of Bustamante Art Gallery is to create a long standing and worthwhile project, showcasing that art is present in everyday life, timeless and borderless.


We DO NOT out-source. Every piece we offer is curated on-site and personally delivered from our office in New York, as we have a close relationship and rapport with our artists living in their country of origin.

Our artwork pieces have been exhibited in renowned museums in Latin America and reputable galleries around the world and hold a history, as do our artists.


We offer an annual on-site exhibition in New York City. 

We understand how special it is to acquire the artwork that you fall in-love with, and we make it accessible to our collectors to view before purchasing with options such as bringing it to their office or place of preference in New York City. We ADAPT - ZOOM showings and high quality videos of each of our pieces available!

Are you interested in FINE ART tourism in Mexico? Contact us and we will guide you through. Meet the artists and learn about the Fine Art Galleries you can't miss. 


To learn more about or various payment options or to request any additional information on our unique pieces please contact our art  advisor at

We look forward to meeting you and developing a long lasting relationship. 

Bustamante NYC Art Gallery

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