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October 2 - November 25 2017 

The National Arts Club

15 Gramercy Park S, New York, NY 10003

This magnificent exhibition was brought from Mexico with the intention of embracing, with its soft and warm wind images, the body and spirit of every art and creative freedom lover and believer who coincide with its call in Manhattan’s vibrating heart, during this changing time.

Created by acclaimed and world renowned, Mexican plastic arts artist and abstract painter, Jose Luis Bustamante, in his native Mexico,  this exhibition brings a sentiment of freedom and awareness while showcasing the natural and powerful migration of the south wind and all its symbolism.

Oil on Canvas with silver leaf grouping together in diptych, triptych and polyptych formats, each piece strongly maintains its own personality and independence, and, expresses the soft conscious creativity freedom and pictorial expression of this Latin American Artist and the images within him.


The artist studied the wind colors and flow for years to be able to create these abstract works mixing current political and cultural views at the same time. The results are magnificent. 

His creativity communicates, fraternizes and courts in his continuous flow, while transcending physical and emotional spaces. 

Press Release 

#Southwindacrossborders has been acclaimed by the international press!

Finally, A Master Abstractionist! - John Mulholland

Superb view of color - Brilliantly done - Gary LaFontaine

Strokes which capture the essence of the human spirit. - Flynn

Visions of another land - Rosalyn Carter ......................................

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