The acclaimed Mexican artist, Jose Luis Bustamante, returns to The National Arts Club with an exhibition of new work inspired by his observation of the powerful migration of the south wind. Studying color and movement, Bustamante has created a body of work that captures the warm yet powerful elements of the physical world and emotional spaces. Installing unique groupings of diptych, triptych and polyptych, the artist creates an environment of continuous flow and creative freedom. A master colorist, Bustamante’s power of communication is immediate and arresting and allows him to effortlessly combine his pictorial, cultural and political visions and views.

October 03, 2016

JOSE LUIS BUSTAMANTE,  a world renowned, Mexican plastic-arts artist and abstract painter, with a long and intense progression, brings us this magnificent exhibition which, together with its pictorial quality transmits his deep sentiment for the mystic beauty of his country of origin. He has been called the Master of Light.

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