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The Ecuadorian-born artist Carlos Torres-Machado has a unique aproach to art.  His paintings are subtle and intellectual, and the different series provide with conceptual notes, revealing the pace and developments of the present. Taking inspiration from how the technology plays a role in our lives, flat colors, and some translucencies alternate in different periods. The variety of colors and hues persist in every topic he addresses. Geometry is a synthesis, is a communication tool. His creations elude the way we think, feel and live in today's time.  Carlos is becoming one of the most accalaimed Latin American Artists in New York with several awards under his belt. His Art is unique, sharp, intelectually clever and It relates to the contemporary mind. 

Data Center #10 2016

Enamel on canvas and wood

70 × 50 × 2 in

177.8 × 127 × 5.1 cm

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