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The Power of the South Wind - Across Borders was a succes!

Check ou Opening Reception Photos and reviews by the Press.

The Power of the South Wind Across Borders showcases that Powerful South Wind, alluding to the migration from south to north as a natural phenomenon, and the wind of humanity who comes as a “Huitztlampaehecatl”.

Jose Luis Bustamante studied the wind for years to be able to create these abstract works mixing actual political and cultural views at the same time. The results are magnificent.

With this exhibition we want to show the beautiful culture, thoughts and images of the Latin American World through Mexican Fine Art while showcasing unique contemporary artworks from the most influential, established Mexican artists of our time, while stimulating art tourism, reflecting the amazing Galleries and Museums of Contemporary and Modern Fine Art in Mexico.

Our focus is to create a long standing and worthwhile project, showcasing that art is present in everyday life, timeless and borderless.

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