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Cien45 - Nayarit Mexico June 2017

Cien45 is the name which has been given to this magnificent Fine Art exhibition, which took place during the months of May and June 2017 in Nayarit Mexico. Alica Group foundation became a beautiful Art Gallery; with the objective of celebrating the 100 years of Nayarit, showcasing 45 modern art established artists from the State (nayaritas) with a long progression. The inaguration was on May 24, at #GrupoÁlica Foundation. World Renowned Mexican Artists such as Jose Luis Bustamante, Vladimir Cora, among others, were invited as honorofic guests, and attended the Opening Inaguration. The event was a breathtaking celebration, showcasing Fine Mexican Modern Art from that State. A delight for the most demanding Collectors and Conosseurs.

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